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We’re All Stewards

  We’re all stewards of something. Whether it’s our job, our home, our mode of transportation, or our finances, all of us can point to parts of life that were delegated or entrusted to us by someone “higher up the chain.” That’s the basic meaning of stewardship: taking care of something that may or may […]

Mother Nature’s Environmental Solution

We have been hearing for decades that we must address climate change. However, the only solutions that have been offered by the environmental community are to reduce use of plastic, separate trash, eat vegan, buy local, and protest the oil and gas industry. The majority of environmental nonprofits are focused on the latter. Earth Day […]

We Can Make It ‘Rain’

The promise of making it rain has a long history of fool’s errands. From superstitious rituals to biplanes salting the clouds, we just don’t have a good solution to make water fall from the sky. However, we now can make water fall from irrigation systems from a brand new source: industrial by-product water. You see, […]

We Must Fix the Problem

Our system of how we handle our energy industry by-product water is desperately broken. Here’s the situation. Case study: In 2020 Wyoming produced 89 million barrels of oil.  Wyoming also produced 1.3 billion barrels of water.  As each barrel consists of 42 gallons, that works out to 58 billion gallons or 177,995 acre feet of […]